Advertlets, in my view

25 09 2007

As I created this blog, I started signing ad programs.

Advertlets is an Asian ad program that pays you in Malaysian Ringgits.

When I completed my registration of Advertlets account, I was navigated directly to my earnings, and showed me status about my earnings.

Advertlets hasn’t got many ads, but its ads are nice, and interactive, like the add-on poll feature, that also helps me to know what my readers are and what they are exactly looking for?

Though I don’t have much traffic to site, I was just posting and viewing my blog, and then I checked my status at Advertlets, I got 0.02RM (Malaysian Ringgits) in my account.

That’s really cool. The more traffic you get, the more you earn, doesn’t matter if people don’t click on the ad, although, clicking on the ads pays you little more.

I was wondering, if I start an online company, I would give my ads to Advertlets šŸ˜‰


Things that I liked

  • Starting right away (Unlike Google Adsense and many others, they review the application before you can earn)
  • User friendly interface (Main site, and the member site, both can be accessed by one page, with that docking menus feature)
  • Earning with PAY ON IMPRESSIONS (That means you get paid for every hit)
  • Daily earnings details
  • Multiple blog support with single account
  • Of course, the logo šŸ™‚

Things that I didn’t like

  • In daily earnings panel I can’t see the particular blog from where I get the earnings. It should show me earning details of every blog that I add to list.
  • If they could pay me more šŸ™‚ lol – Blog Advertising in Asia




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