Improved BearShare !

24 09 2007

For those who don’t know what BearShare is,

BearShare is a peer-to-peer file sharing application originally created by Free Peers, Inc. for Microsoft Windows and currently sold by MusicLab, LLC.

Source : Wikipedia

I had used BearShare, and at the first part, I didn’t liked it.
I noticed, my PC was slowed down, and then I checked and scanned my PC with Anti-Spyware, and I found Malwares in my PC, then I searched on internet.
And It was confirmed that BearShare comes with Malware.

Then I uninstalled it. One day my friend informed me about new version of BearShare, he said this new version is good, and it has Online Community and Instant Messaging.
I was not convinced at at all, then I myself installed this new version of BearShare.

Yeah, it was pretty cool. And now I use it, but there’s only drawback, the earlier version of BearShare could download/share any files (zip, jpg, doc etc), rather than just sharing and downloading music. Actually that’s not a drawback, it’s a good step to make BearShare legal.

New BearShare Screenshot

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My Reviews about

24 09 2007

Hi guys, I joined myLot, and I wanted to see how much I am gonna earn.
If you people don’t know anything about myLot, let me tell you.
It’s a online community site, like Orkut, Facebook, Friendster, and even like Yahoo! Answers. But the only difference is, you get paid, by every post, or any activity you do at the site, cool isn’t it ?

I joined it, and I earned 0.02$ in one day, all I did was posted 3 or 4 responds to discussion and uploaded a picture. That’s it.

Personally, I didn’t liked the site. Orkut and other Online Communities are much better than this myLot. First you need to have interests, and then discussions, I mean what’s the point of interests ? I think community for every interest is much better to do, like in Orkut. And about the interests, you could just add a field in a profile that shows the person’s interests.

And I have been browsing, and looking for, how to change my avator, and I couldn’t find it. lol

But the best part is, YOU GET PAID. That’s the main reason why people have joined myLot. I see no other reason.

If you want to join, please join using this link, as this is my referral link 🙂

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23 09 2007

TrekEarth features photographs from all over the world, from all parts of the world.
Just write the place, and there you go, you get awesome pictures.

It’s really wonderful site, I am glad to be sharing with you all 😉

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The Last Photo I Ever Took Contest

22 09 2007

I saw this on internet, and it’s awesome.
You could see death coming, don’t worry, it ain’t so scary.

The Last Photo I Ever Took Contest

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22 09 2007

Listen to fantastic online radio, no need to download anything (except flash player, everybody has it)

It has great features, like sorting songs to your favorites.
Genre selection, mood selection, I am sure you gonna like it.

Musicovery Logo

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BBC Motion Gallery

22 09 2007

BBC Motion Gallery. Impressive and beautiful clips from around the world

BBC Motion Gallery Picture

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Bicycle Drift

22 09 2007

What did you all think ? That only cars do the drifting and stuff.
Think again, this guy gonna prove it, it isn’t only cars that do drifting.

Bicycle Drift