Love is Delicious

29 10 2007

Hi there !
I am not into music much, but I liked this song, especially the video, it’s funny.
It’s a song named “Love is Delicious” from a Korean Artist named “Whee Sung”.

Check this funny music video 😉

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Flying Colors ?

28 10 2007

Today, 28th October, I went to the test.
There was huge crowd of people. Anyways, I did my best.
Let’s see what happens.

I wouldn’t say I will pass with flying colors, that’s way too much.
I would prefer saying “pass with walking colors”.

Till then bye !

24 10 2007

I decided I will not use my computer, till 28th October because on 28th October I have a University entry test. So I won’t be posting any posts till 28th October. I am totally computer addicted, I can’t study while this damn computer is on. I better shut this thing down.

What we gonna read ?

You might ask that, the best answer for me to say would be, “Can’t you just wait for me?”.
In be more read-friendly, I should say, you should see my previous posts, I have noticed many of you, havn’t read it. Just scroll down, and you will see a link “Older Posts“, click on that, to view my previous posts. And you can also chat with other readers on ChatterBox.

Hey you !!!!

23 10 2007

Check this funny picture 🙂

I just got failed

23 10 2007

Today it was my Self-Assessment Test, for entry test in Mehran University of Engineering & Technology. And I got failed. No, I am not feeling any honour in that.
Actually I am just clearing the point that I didn’t even read a single word, and I got 96 marks out of 400. I know it’s not good enough.

The actual entry test is on 28th October, and I think I should study now, rather than just sitting and watching my blog grow 🙂

Making your hair Silky and Shiny ?

21 10 2007

I have been searching for making my hair silky and shiny.
I went on searching on Internet, it wasn’t helpful.

Then I found this, it did work, but it wasn’t like magic, I mean it didn’t completely change my hairs. My hairs got volume and shine, but no weight.

Let me clear this guide to you, read this and then follow these steps.

1, Mix White Vinegar and water, in ratio 3:1, in simple word, 3 part of vinegar and 1 part of water 🙂

2, Put this mixture into Hair Spray. (If you don’t have hair spray, then put it into bowl mix it well.)

3, Apply this mixture onto hair thoroughly, strand by strand. (Do not apply onto skin, it might burn your skin if you have sensitive skin)

4, Do it for 5 minutes.

5, Then wait for 20 minutes, and then rinse it well with water.

That’s it ! You might feel like dying, because of that vinegar smell 🙂
And I am not responsible if something bad happens to your hair 🙂 or even worse, you could get bald 😛
I am not responsible, do it on your own.


19 10 2007

I saw few pictures of little girl, named Ujrri.
This young little girl, is servant in the local house in the city of Larkana, Sindh Pakistan.

Click here to view on Flickr

She works 24/7, she cleans whole house, everything and buys things for house regularly. She has a pay of 200 Rs/Month, in International way, it’s 3.3$/Month.

Click here to view on Flickr

My Friend, “Wajid” took her pictures, while she was busy doing her work, he more explains,

I took her pics while she was very busy with her work at 7:00am in the morning, I was glad that she managed to give me some of her time 🙂
I have also sent her these pics, and she is very happy about that.

This little angel doesn’t even know what life is she living and what would be her future..
Like Ujrri, there are millions of girls in Pakistan whose families are so poor that they cannot even afford let her live with them, therefore they sent their little angels to work in houses in urban areas as servants, Ujrri gets Rs.200/month, her parents visit her monthly to take the money and give a formal hug…

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