4 10 2007

Indeed the beauty is a gift, and can not be denied.

I have heard many people posting comments like, “you’re hot“, “you’re sexy“, that subjects to beauty in their mind.

Let’s take these two words

1. holding or giving off great heat.
2. causing the physical sensation of great heat.
3. producing a fiery sensation in the mouth; very spicy.
4. showing or feeling anger or other violent emotion.
5. (informal) sexually passionate.


1. of a person, sexually attractive or exciting.
2. (informal) glamorous; appealing; interesting.

Does this anything to do with beauty ? Of course not.
In my view, these two word indirectly propose for sex, nothing to do with beauty, in any way at all.
Let me tell you all, these words only refer to your physical state, your body, they have nothing to do with your personality.
So please ! Stop saying “thank you” if someone says you are hot or sexy.

Beauty doesn’t mean sexy, and it has nothing to do with sex, or body.




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26 11 2007

lols well buddy didnt get comments on the true things haan, guess got speechless when it comes to the reality, well these words are in common nobody really cares bout beauty that means the real beauty the guys go for the curves in a gurl n the gurls go for the 3 pacs or the 6 pacs….
n indeed it aint thr fault its the foriegn corrupted culture thats been frequently shown on our TV channels where all these absurds things are shown wid disregard…

what can be really done for this mate??

26 11 2007
Ahmed Mujtaba


Very true indeed.

At least we could tell them it’s not what it is. I have seen many youngsters using words like sexy, hot, and they even don’t know what it means.

what can be really done for this mate??

No idea. Wordless!

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