Making your hair Silky and Shiny ?

21 10 2007

I have been searching for making my hair silky and shiny.
I went on searching on Internet, it wasn’t helpful.

Then I found this, it did work, but it wasn’t like magic, I mean it didn’t completely change my hairs. My hairs got volume and shine, but no weight.

Let me clear this guide to you, read this and then follow these steps.

1, Mix White Vinegar and water, in ratio 3:1, in simple word, 3 part of vinegar and 1 part of water 🙂

2, Put this mixture into Hair Spray. (If you don’t have hair spray, then put it into bowl mix it well.)

3, Apply this mixture onto hair thoroughly, strand by strand. (Do not apply onto skin, it might burn your skin if you have sensitive skin)

4, Do it for 5 minutes.

5, Then wait for 20 minutes, and then rinse it well with water.

That’s it ! You might feel like dying, because of that vinegar smell 🙂
And I am not responsible if something bad happens to your hair 🙂 or even worse, you could get bald 😛
I am not responsible, do it on your own.




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