Pakistan: Emergency Imposed!

4 11 2007

3rd November 2007, the Emergency is imposed in Pakistan.

Emergency, it’s kind of Martial Law, but not exactly.
Supreme Court Judges have been under siege, and locked up. While the other self-made judges took their positions as acting Supreme Court Judges.

The fact is, Pakistan’s democracy has been completely demolished. According to the President of Pakistan, “it’s better for the nation, because there had been internal crises in Pakistan that has to be solved with Emergency”.

Yes indeed Pakistan’s current state is not very stable. She needs re-establishment. But how? Good question. In my view the root of all evils is, “injustice”.

There’s been corruption, bribery, injustice in the courts, and everywhere through Pakistan. Terrorists get away with bribery. Only if there is no injustice, there will be no crises, not at least as major as we are suffering from.

As for all Pakistanis, we all demand for Democracy, and for Justice!

We all hope for better and democratic Pakistan.



2 responses

4 11 2007

Correct yourself!
The emergency was imposed yesterday i.e. Nov 3rd, 2007

4 11 2007
Ahmed Mujtaba

It’s fixed.

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