A trip to Disneyland

2 12 2007


It takes many efforts to go through a trip, like I had on Friday.
Yes, a trip, not to Disneyland, but some what the amusements where similar to it.
I visited a long way (for me though) to a strange place, and then came back home, not safe and sound πŸ˜› Damn! I hate trips πŸ˜€

Curious? You better be πŸ™‚ Its called “Matli”, its my village, it is in Sindh (Province of Pakistan), about 50 Km from Hyderabad (The place where I live, the City of Winds).
Here goes the story, you should have plenty much time to read all this πŸ™‚

As usual, I was sitting on my computer. My mom asked me to accompany with them to the village, I said hell no! A VILLAGE!! NO!! What I am gonna do there? No, no no! No way.
She really forced me to come. But again I said no. Then there was little light in my coconut, hey! If you go with your dad and mom, you could drive car, you get used to it, and its about 50 KM!! And you could also make your mother happy. And tada! I said, “yeah ok mom, if you insist” πŸ˜›

I asked my dad, if I could drive. He agreed, and I started the car, and beam! My wish came true, but not for long πŸ˜›
When I reached the outskirts of Hyderabad, the road to Matli was too narrow, and was two-way, it means cars, buses, trailers driving at 80 Km/h coming from the opposite way and crossing about 1/2 metre. OMG!! I asked my dad, “Is this the road I will be driving on for about 1:30 hours?” He said, “yes”. Holy Crap! This is suicide!
When I used to see a car incoming, I used slow down and tried to keep on left as much as possible, my dad said, “What are you doing? Don’t slow down, and don’t go to the left”. I said, “I was gonna hit that car!”, he said “No! You weren’t, thats called judgement, you need to understand where your car is”, all I could think was of me. lol

Then after 30 mins, I was driving perfectly, and I was exclaiming to the other vehicles, “hey give me some room! I need to pass”, I was driving at 80 Km/h, that road wasn’t for 80+.
After 1 hour, I had extreme pain in my right foot (clutch foot), then I was saying, “plz! just drive in one speed, don’t make me change gears, ah it hurts”.

As I reached Matli, dad asked me to pull over, and he said, let me drive now, you are tired, I said to myself, what a relief πŸ™‚ As if, a relief fund has come from a foreign country πŸ˜› Dad drove over bumpy, narrow, dirty, *more bad adjectives πŸ˜› streets, and then he stopped, and said, I will be back. I was hungry, I went to the shop and bought two chocolates, and one drink, everyone was looking at me, as I was a white guy in a black peoples crowd. There was no label on my face stating “I AM NOT FROM MATLI”. Actually, my accent was little different from theirs. I came back to my car, and I saw something right outside of my car, a bird, a rooster. WTF! Where am I? A Zoo maybe? You don’t see a rooster everyday, right at your car, do you?

My dad came back, and he asked me to drive the car back to my grandpa’s house, I said, “I just forgot where’s the house”, “Your mom will tell you” my father replied.

Now it was my time to drive back through those narrow, dirty streets 😦
I took this as a challenge, the street was too narrow, and only one car at a time can pass. My mom asked me, “What if a car comes from the front?”, “Good question, I don’t know” I replied, then at that sudden a car came, O FISH!!!
I asked that driver, what should I do, with my hand-olish language πŸ™‚ He replied in the same language with “Go back!”, with my snarl look, I reversed my car, and like there was a bud(little space) in the street, my car just fitted in that bud, and that car just passed, and I went all the way to the main road. I drove over to my grandpa’s house.

There I met with my relatives, that I have never seen them before, and they really respected me. Fareen, my second cousin’s daughter, she showed me her photo album, her doll, and her birthday gift. Then I met Hammad, my cousin’s son. For the most of the time, he was on his tricycle, and he was moving with his feet, rather than pushing the pedals, I tried to teach him, but his coconut was too small to fit in.

I turned on my cellphone and checked my email, wow! I just saw Pakistani Spectators asking me for an interview, and a lot of comments. Then I said to myself, obeying parents brings you lot of good things πŸ™‚

People were really nice, they spoke very lovely accent, it’s called “Laar” or “Laari” accent of “Sindhi”.

I came back home with cold 😦 I told ya, I wasn’t back in safe and sound πŸ™‚

The moral of the post is, you try to find something of your interest, but that turns out as your rival, and you meet many other interesting things, that you always feared of.

You can see how much narrow the road is!

You see, that’s the shop!

That’s the rooster guy! πŸ™‚

This is Fareen, showing me her doll πŸ™‚

This is Hammad, having a curious look at my poor cellphone πŸ™‚

My grandpa, Hammad, and my uncle having dinner πŸ™‚



7 responses

3 12 2007

Yeah people you dont get to see THIS disneyland everyday on net πŸ˜›

Choraa Safarnaama likh raha ha wah wah wah !

Great but you should have shown and talked about Matli itself i mean a little about the environment and stuff…u know…

anyway nice work!
kept me entertained πŸ˜‰

4 12 2007

Nice man! that was a hell ride, nu knw what writting does to ur trip it sorta enlightens it….n it really did for ur trip n man it was Fun πŸ™‚
me too smetimes wanna go on a road trip to sme rural areas n see whats life over there, thoug it isnt tht diff as we think bt the ppl surely r diff…thy r humbler thn us City fellows…

Nice Trip btw πŸ™‚

4 12 2007

pssst! its a request i sorta want tht side bannery thing of urs πŸ˜‰

mind if u offer me ur services πŸ˜›

4 12 2007
Ahmed Mujtaba

Yeah sure!


4 12 2007

well where did u sent ur mail to, means which address as i sent one on pak.spectator@gmail.com bt didnt get any response :S may b thy sent me the comment by fault πŸ˜›

n come on these bloggers r jst too lazy to post the stuff πŸ˜‰ thy try to show the r bzy bt indeed thy r LAZY πŸ˜›

n yeah bout the stickery thing tu obviously my name :$ ” Nikki’s Official Blog” n yeah u can mail me at my work address tht is sana.nikki@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

4 12 2007

lols i aint calling u LAZY πŸ˜›
i was sayng those TPS guys lazy so lazy that they didnt even sent me the questions and so lazy tht thy didnt post ur interview till now πŸ˜›

n no man, i hve sent them the mail once i aint resending it, it’ll feel foolish :S so let see ill wait a bit more n thn agay dekhty hain πŸ˜‰

6 12 2007

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