Do you really play a guitar?

7 12 2007

Many of you, might be interested in playing guitar, and many of you, might be practicing.

Rank yourself

Did you see that? That’s awesome!
You see this kid, look at fingers, he doesn’t use a pick. He’s strumming with those little fingers.
How does he do that? This really amazes me. But whatever he does, he does really good 😉



4 responses

8 12 2007

well that was cute 😉

n yeah its a fact that kids ranging from 3-12 years can learn alot of things including many languages…its the case with there growth as this is the period of maximum growth.

n most of all “When u really have the heart to learn something, age really doesnt matter then 🙂 “

9 12 2007

the kid is in torture

9 12 2007
Ahmed Mujtaba

I think that kid really put himself into this wonderful torture of playing guitar 🙂

6 01 2008
Abdul Basit

Very nice blog!
Well done Mujtaba.

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