In Pursuit of Happiness

12 12 2007

Hello everybody!
This post is slightly different than my other humourous posts that I was posting previously, but as I am the who’s writing, so it might reflect some parts of humour, as I have it all the time.
If you guys are thinking about the movie, “In Pursuit of Happiness”, no, that’s not what I am talking about, by the way, it was wonderful movie. So what is this all about? I had this thinking when I was about to wake up, and I was having this thought, am I really happy with this life? After doing math and all, I said, yeah! Why not. Then I thought my bad things that happened to me, and still I said, it’s fine. I am good. Then but my subject changed to Humans. Yes, humans, what they really got, are they really happy?

For centuries, they have been trying to develop that could help with their living, and comfort them, to make them happy. Look around yourself, computers, cars, aeroplanes, refrigerator, and what not? How many times you get angry and sad when your Windows gets corrupted? How many times do you need to fix your car, and how times you pay money for it to be fixed, and how many to the insurance company, and how many times it got punctured, when you really wanted to go someplace in time? Talk about aeroplanes, if there were no aeroplanes, there was no September 11. No crashes.

All we had done to ourselves is, we have created complexity between us. And this complexity has made us so busy, that we have not been able to remember, who we really are, and why we are sent here. All we do, is try to have fun. People ask me, ‘What do you do for fun?’ Fun? Are you here for fun? This ain’t a place for fun and entertainment. Everything has a reason of its creation. You are created by God, for a reason, to praise Him and do as He says you to do. Not what you do for fun. You want fun? Happiness? The only happiness you could get is not here, it’s after this life, in heaven.

This is a TEST! A simple test, do you talk, eat donuts, and watch movie at exam hall? I am not saying, do not have fun, all I want to say, is, fun is not our priority. Fun is the standing force that makes your heart feel good, but it ain’t gonna save you from the torment of fire.

So how could I get happiness if I do what God says, still I will have my car punctured? Well, of course, this life will never get you all the happiness you need. But if you do as your God tells you do, you will feel inside as you are protected, and you are carefree with this life, all you care about the afterlife. Tell me, if you love someone, and if he/she is with you, do you still feel sad about other things? Of course no. That’s the point. If one love his Lord, and obviously God will love him too, will there be any fear, or sadness to him?

Ask your yourself, look around, are you really happy?



7 responses

13 12 2007

one can only be happy if he/she wants to see others happy too

13 12 2007
Ahmed Mujtaba

No offense, but let me ask you, what if others tell you to get lost, and live in a jungle all alone, because according to them, that’s the only way they can be happy, will you be happy?

I don’t suppose any human will be.
I know, what are you trying to say, but you still didn’t get me.

You are so kind, you love others, and this kindness of yours might lead you to Heaven, but not to Happiness, of course in Heaven, not here.

My point is, whatever you do, you can never be happy in this life.

13 12 2007

lol you have closed your mind by saying
“whatever you do, you can never be happy in this life.”

your answere for this question lies within the basics of life..

13 12 2007

Aaah in my point of View Hapinnes in this world lies in Satisfaction in what u do and what u have, “An empty stomach always growls”

means Allah has given us so much to be happy upon and to be thankful to him, but our satisfactory stomach is still empty and it keeps on growling for more

Happiness in this world remaining under Islam can be described in many ways not just one or two bt in many ways…and for me it meant through Satisfaction…

A satisfied soul is a happy soul 🙂

14 12 2007
Ahmed Mujtaba

@Nikki, well said. That’s my point.

A satisfied soul is a happy soul 🙂

Those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah – Islamic Monotheism), and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah, Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest. (13:28 Al-Qur’an)

14 12 2007

wow this is a very meaningful (and educational too!) post! 😀

17 12 2007
Marie Grace

for me the true meaning of happiness comes in when you are satisfied with what you have in your life… for me contentment equals happiness. A person’s capacity to attain such status in his life mainly depends on how he will work his way to it. good day!

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