Did you ever ride a black horse?

24 12 2007

Hello everybody!

As the day went by, I am realizing I am not much blogging. Yes, I have been little away from blogging, I am paying attention to my health, it’s time to grow some muscles before I hit University 🙂

I have to improve my English as well, my English vocabulary is very narrow and limited. I asked somebody, he told me to read books, novels, newspapers. I wasn’t into this before, but I have to. So I decided to read a novel, “The Boy on a Black Horse” written by Nancy Springer.

The English is pretty simple, but poetic, and usage of metaphors. It’s story of a girl, who is curious about a boy who is new, strange, and spooky, and bold.

Let’s see what happens to my English after reading it 🙂



2 responses

27 12 2007

Good! Dreams, books, are each a world. -Wordsworth

15 02 2008

I read that book awhile ago, and I was captivated. It’s sad, to me. Keep working on your English, you’ll get there!

God is a God of Wonders

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