Am I at Baghdad? Benazeer Bhutto assassination aftermath

30 12 2007

Around 5 PM PST on 27th December 2007, I was very tired and fell asleep.
There was this sound, voices, people shouting and screaming, I thought it was nightmare. But my brother came in and he said, “Benazeer is dead, she was shot, and on the main highway people have burned trucks, buses cars.”
I was like “What?”. I couldn’t believe it, burned vehicles? No way, this ain’t Iraq.

Anyways, I woke up, and I went out, and I saw smoke, and fire from trucks, buses, about 100 meters away from my house, pretty close eh. Yeah, I live near the Main Super Highway, between Hyderabad and Karachi. It was hell of a view, and as I went upstairs to the roof, I saw smokes on the outskirts of the city Hyderabad, as if there the whole city is burning to ashes, and yes, in fact it’s true. Then there was firing, shouting, and it was awful situation.

On the next day, I woke and took a brave step to take snaps of these burned vehicles. As I went in, I saw oranges, yeah it might be weird for you, but yes, there was oranges on road, people carrying crates of oranges, and then when I was close enough, I saw a whole container was full of oranges, and people were stealing from it. lol.

Here are the pictures I took.

This is my society, you can clearly see the smoke, and the park where kids play.

This is the main entrance area of society, you can see the shops are closed and people are tensed

This is another picture of smoke

Posters of Benazeer Bhutto

This is the container which had oranges in it, there are some oranges burning

This lady, she’s collecting oranges good ones, not the burned ones

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5 responses

30 12 2007

Baghadadians would result in being better citizens then us, they have resulted in this way when there was no law or government in their country, their King was hanged till death n they coudlnt do anything. But what is this happening in our country, one of our politician has been assasinated but what bout the rest of the people, where has the government being hiding when all of this was happening, couldnt the government order immediate arrest of anyone they saw causing destruction to public property, Naah! they were busy in plotting diff stuff, what to say next to the public, what should b the next move, who should appear when on TV and then say what to save their backs….this is what is going on for the past few days….

Its horrible and unforgiven..

30 12 2007

nice pics mujtuba… by the way.. the pics on my blog have been taken by Amean J not me man… 🙂

31 12 2007
Dr Prabhat Tandon

sad & tragic !

1 01 2008
Hammy !

we all condemn this illogical act by the unknown group through out the country…they cant scare us this way

8 01 2008

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