Latest stereo system for automobiles

31 01 2008

Okay, here I am about to post the latest stereo system for the car, that my friend uses in his Funky Ride 😉

Laughing is strictly prohibited!

Stereo System + Something for hair, especially when girls are around 😛

This is when you don’t have money to buy a car stereo 😀

Hide and seek

30 01 2008

I found these pictures in forward mail, hope you liked it, I found them cute and cuddly 🙂

Few Funny Pictures

28 01 2008

Hello guys!

I am not active these days, it’s because I don’t know what to post, I don’t like to post about my everyday life, because I know, it’s so boring, nobody would read it 😀

Okay, here are the few funny pictures I seen on Internet, and I have added captions in Urdu 😛

Kursi zindabad!!

Urii!!! YEH KIYA :O


10Rs mein kam chal jayega tera ya aur rishwat doon 😛

Today’s Lesson: Gari darakht k nechey park nahe karte 😛

New Hairstyle for men

23 01 2008

Check this new hairstyle for men 😉

Cool isn’t it?

Wish I could have this hairstyle 😛

Discovering "Wonder Oscilloscope"

18 01 2008

Hello folks!

How are you all?
Well, I am fine.

As I am studying B.E. in Electronics, we had a practical about Oscilloscope and Function Generators.
What is an Oscilloscope? Okay for guys who don’t know, Wikipedia comes to help.

An oscilloscope (sometimes abbreviated CRO, for cathode-ray oscilloscope, or commonly just scope or O-scope) is a type of electronic test equipment that allows signal voltages to be viewed, usually as a two-dimensional graph of one or more electrical potential differences (vertical axis) plotted as a function of time or of some other voltage (horizontal axis).

Still not clear? Well it’s a device that shows Frequency or Voltage in graphs.

Okay, after Ma’am explained us how these things work, my group went to isolated Oscilloscope and they called me, “Hey! c’mon turn this thing on”, “are you guys nuts? Did ma’am gave you permission to use about this?” I said. “What do you think, we gonna come here all alone without Ma’am’s permission?”. I said “Okay!! Lets do this! I switched on, and went for Probe(Wire used in Oscilloscope) and asked ma’am if I could take it, she replied “You are the engineer! You don’t need permissions”. Wow! What an answer, I was very delighted at it. I went back, and tried hard, but there was no graph at all. Even guys from my group also tried, but still no graph. I thought might be this probe is not working. I went to ma’am again, and this time I went to change probe. “Ma’am! I need another probe, this ain’t working.” I said, “Actually, the probe is fine, it’s the oscilloscope, it’s not working :P” ma’am said.
I was like :O Ouch! Damn!
She deliberately asked us to use that Oscilloscope to make us busy or maybe laugh at our stupid ways to make that thing work 😛
I didn’t know ma’am had too good sense of humour 🙂

Hammad, car driver!

17 01 2008

Hello everybody!

Sorry for delaying in posting at blog. Anyways, I have good news, I AM ACTUALLY POSTING SOMETHING NEW NOW 😀 lol

My little friend, Hammad came over to my house, I talked to him, which most of the words, I couldn’t understand 🙂 The reason of putting “car driver”, because he likes sitting and driving cars 🙂

Here are his few pictures.

Refraction and ReflectionWhat's that?
Yeah!! I am a NASCAR RACERYeah that's my car!

More pictures of kids at Flickr

New pictures taken after Benazeer Bhutto’s Assassination

17 01 2008

I have got more pictures, I wish to add it here.

These pictures are taken from my house, looks scary isn’t it?

Burned bus

More pictures on Flickr