Latest stereo system for automobiles

31 01 2008

Okay, here I am about to post the latest stereo system for the car, that my friend uses in his Funky Ride 😉

Laughing is strictly prohibited!

Stereo System + Something for hair, especially when girls are around 😛

This is when you don’t have money to buy a car stereo 😀



5 responses

3 02 2008

lols and what bout if the mob battery gives up someday…whose gonna but tht 😉

18 02 2008
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18 02 2008
Ahmed Mujtaba

I hate spam :@

19 05 2008

Can you Pls tell me how you edited your “Old Posts” link to a “Next”.

23 05 2008
Ahmed Mujtaba

Hello Mr. Earn
Click on Layout and Edit HTML
Tick on Expand Widget Templates

Look in HTML for ‘Old Post’, and write ‘Next’.

That’s it

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