Poor donkey

2 02 2008

Ouchh!!!! This is going to hurt someone 😛

I captured it, so All Rights Reserved 😛



5 responses

2 02 2008

Hey is this a common sight in Pakistan? :O

2 02 2008
Ahmed Mujtaba

No, this is very rare, and I found myself lucky that I captured it 😀

Although DonkeyCarts roam around on roads, but this ouch thing isn’t 😀

3 02 2008

aaaaaaaaawwww poor thing, what if he’s a donkey doesnt tht hurts his brain 😛

4 02 2008

salam Alikom Bro

what amazing sho LOL ur the best photographer BTW lovely blog u’ve got here


11 08 2008
Jazzian Butt

ohhh, i really feel pity for this poor soul, seriously it always makes me sad when every i found their master beating them with stick on roads.

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