Drive away

6 02 2008

Hello folks!

I have been busy, with of course doing nothing at all. lol

This Sunday, I went for a trip to the Desert (Thar). It wasn’t much fun, because I drove the car, which was very tiring. But you know, you meet with new people, you see different things, and the things the way they work. Poor me, that I reached Thar at about Dawn, so I couldn’t see much of it, and I had to return on the same day.

But on my way, I have seen fields, flowers, trees, different people.
I stopped by a field full of Sunflowers, and I happen to capture it 🙂

Wonderful isn’t it?



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8 02 2008

Hey I live in Karachi how to reach there if I want to go to this place .. ? can you tell me about it … ?
I am on flickr also so you can email me from there ..

8 02 2008

dear mr. Drive Away
you did a wonderful thing by driving there .. and in my opinion … you dont deserve to have a camera
your photos suck beyond anyone’s imagination!!

please search for “sunflower” or “fields” on flickr or deviantart and you will see how to take pictures of beautiful places ….
you went all the way to a remote place, and then … spoiled the fun by posting these luzer pics!

i still appreciate your sense of adventure !!
keep going places .. but PLEASE post nice pictures 🙂

8 02 2008
Ahmed Mujtaba


Hello! This place is near Umerkot, I think about 50 Km, it’s on the way to CHOR (Village in Thar).

@Ugly Duckling

Well, first of all, I am not Mr Drive Away, and thank you for your wonderful words against me 🙂
First of all, I am a blogger, not a photographer, and the second thing, you are right, I don’t deserve a camera, so I don’t have one, that’s just a VGA camera phone of Nokia 6300, what more do you expect from a Camera Phone?
And about the searching you just told me, let me tell you the technical stuff behind it, any searching engine/program sorts the results with relevance and the popularity of the link, so all those images you see at Flickr or DeviantArt, are taken by famous Photographers, plus they have high hits.

I would be happy if you buy me a camera 🙂 or maybe post me few photographing tips 🙂

Thank you!

11 02 2008

lols wohooooooooo that duckling is really ugly 😛
well man the sunflowers look cute but i always thought that these would be at a Man’s length means much taller then these flowers but they r shmalllllll 😦 lols 😛 happens it happens so did u find any scare-crows in the fields??

11 02 2008

a little more description would help.

11 02 2008
Ahmed Mujtaba


The flowers were about 3 feets in height, now, I didn’t see any scare-crows, I wish, I had seen one 🙂


Sure, I would keep that in mind

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