Michael learns to Rock!

13 02 2008

Hello again after such a long delay.

This post has nothing to do with Rock Music 😀 I am getting involved into the world of Electronics 🙂

I was too busy to add a post here on the blog, I was busy doing nothing 😛 I am proud member of “I am very busy doing nothing” community 🙂 My coconut hasn’t ticked for a long time, I hope my blogging skills aren’t dying 😦

Okay, I have been little busy doing assignments, and I was pretty much vexed this week, as I had to submit my Practical Journal, I didn’t have the readings. I worked much on Oscilloscopes and Function Generators, but I am unaware of their applications- Well, my father did explain it to me.

Life of a Electronics Engineer is not simple, it’s like reading 2,000+ pages book, going after Electronics Laboratory and trying to get the damn graph, and looking at tiny things 😀

That’s me doing hanky panky with Oscilloscope 😛
Go Ahmad Go!! 😀

That ain’t a tiny water tank 🙂 That’s Capacitor, and I hate Capacitor related numerical problems 😦

Life is busy here in University, I thought it would be much fun, but it’s totally opposite here 😦 But at least there is some fun 🙂

*Please note, I am neither a photographer nor a famous blogger and I don’t have a good camera, that’s a VGA camera phone image, so all those who want to criticize towards my images, they are not welcomed 🙂



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14 02 2008

lols beta jee Professional Study aint tht easy, it gives u nightmares as for u nightcurrents 😛

and yeah lols at tht small water tank man u have got an imagination 😛

and yeah one more thng im here for and that is that i have tagged u in one of my posts so u have to continue the game 😉

heres the link:


30 04 2008

Recently my LG monitor stopped functioning, when i power on, the LED on the front panel just kept blinking (accompanied with a ticking sound synchronized with the blinking led from with in the monitor) but the monitor never turned on. During the earlier days of this “blinking disease” the monitor used to turn on after 5 mins of blinking and ticking. But gradually the duration kept increasing from 10, 20, 50 mins… hours ..days… and finally i stopped turning on at all. Thats when I decided to call the LG technician, he came and opened the monitor casing and replaced a capacitor just like the one you are holding the value of it was 470 micro F 16 volt. With my limited experience (did a hobby electronics course) with electronics i could guess that such problems are caused by a faulty capacitor. The Technician also said that its a common problem with all LG monitors but he didn’t know much deep about why its happening… may be you will be able to explain a bit more about how and why it happened. BTW the ticking sound came from the … yes you guessed it right … transformer!

30 04 2008
Ahmed Mujtaba

I am in 1st year, I am also newbie to this Electronics stuff. According to my limited knowledge, it’s happens because LG company puts cheap capacitors to reduce product cost. There are different capacitors available from different manufacturers, with different qualities, of course.

About a year ago, my PC’s Motherboard, I saw some puffed up capacitors, I asked the technician, what’s wrong, he said, these are faulty capacitors, and you need to buy a new motherboard. I asked, why it happened, he said, due to hot climate. I don’t know if that’s true.

To solve this problem, buy multiple (2 3 4), high capacitance capacitors and join them in series, that will give you a lower capacitance value in total. That will cause the voltage to be distributed.

Search ‘capacitors in series and parallel’ on Google, that should help 🙂

19 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Insincere.

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