14 02 2008

Okay, this is just a game post, yep!

I have been tagged by Nikki

The rules of this tagging game are,
1, Get a grab of a book near you( but it should be at least 123+ pages)
2, Get to the 123rd page.
3, Grab the 5th line.
4, Add the next 3 lines to your post.
5, Then tag any 5 bloggers.

Okay, the closest book to me was, “Wren & Martin’s English Grammar & Composition”, and it wasn’t much textful at page 123, so the next book close to me was, “C MADE EASY”.
Here’s the text, from Chapter 6 “Input, Output And Disk Files”

In C all I/O is character-oriented. This is not only includes reading and writing to the console(that is, the keyboard and screen), but to the disk file functions as well. This differs from BASIC, in which you can read and write strings and numbers directly. In C you read and write bytes. As you have seen in the functions gets() and getnum(), it is possible to write functions that read strings and numbers, but these functions still use calls to the character-oriented I/O functions

Pretty much boring eh? lol

My tagged bloggers
The Land of Pure
Umar Siddiqi
Fragile Girl
piNk feeLinGs
Candy Inn



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