World ends in 2019

6 03 2008

Guys I have received a mail from my friend, that is posted below.

NASA predicts Worldwide Holiday on Feb 1, 2019 as the world is scheduled to end.

Scientists have discovered an asteroid, called 2002 NT7, that may possibly strike Earth on February 1,2019. It’s thought to be large enough to destroy a continent on impact.

The second photo shows the result of collision












How the world can be saved? Scroll down.












So don’t worry be happy 🙂

Responsibility of Pakistan

17 02 2008

A funny SMS that made me proud of being Pakistani 🙂

9/11: Pakistan responsible

27/7: Pakistan responsible

Mumbai Blast: Pakistan responsible

Rise of Taliban: Pakistan responsible

North Korea Nuclear Bomb: Pakistan responsible

Iran Nuclear Preparation: Pakistan responsible

Conclusion: Pakistan is the most responsible country, so be a PROUD PAKISTANI

Poor donkey

2 02 2008

Ouchh!!!! This is going to hurt someone 😛

I captured it, so All Rights Reserved 😛

Few Funny Pictures

28 01 2008

Hello guys!

I am not active these days, it’s because I don’t know what to post, I don’t like to post about my everyday life, because I know, it’s so boring, nobody would read it 😀

Okay, here are the few funny pictures I seen on Internet, and I have added captions in Urdu 😛

Kursi zindabad!!

Urii!!! YEH KIYA :O


10Rs mein kam chal jayega tera ya aur rishwat doon 😛

Today’s Lesson: Gari darakht k nechey park nahe karte 😛

When to use the F-word

9 12 2007

Sometimes you really need to know when you should use that F-word.
Sometimes you say it, when you shouldn’t, and sometimes, when you really mean it.

It really depends in what situation you are.
But I want to show you when is the best time to say this F-word.


Source : Oscandy

Love is Delicious

29 10 2007

Hi there !
I am not into music much, but I liked this song, especially the video, it’s funny.
It’s a song named “Love is Delicious” from a Korean Artist named “Whee Sung”.

Check this funny music video 😉

Click here to view on YouTube

Hey you !!!!

23 10 2007

Check this funny picture 🙂