Eid Greetings

20 12 2007

As the title of the post describes, I don’t have to write much more 🙂

There are few more pictures, I want to share 🙂
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The flowers of the heaven

5 11 2007

Children, one of the greatest God’s mercy and gift to human kind.
But mostly people neglect this, and do not pay attention to them.

Ask them, who do not have them.

Here are few sayings of the Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him) of Allah about the children.

The following hadith narrated by Usamah ibn Zaid (may Allah be pleased with him) shows this humane aspect of the Prophet’s personality:

Allah’s Messenger used to put me on (one of) his thighs and put Al-Hasan ibn `Ali on his other thigh, and then embrace us and say, “O Allah! Please be merciful to them, as I am merciful to them.”

Some people who were not able to understand the power of expressing love to children wondered why the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) played with children and took such an interest in them. Narrated Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him),

Allah’s Messenger kissed Al-Hasan ibn `Ali while Al-Aqra` ibn Habis At-Tamim was sitting with him . Al-Aqra` said, “I have ten children and have never kissed one of them.” The Prophet cast a look at him and said, “Whoever is not merciful to others will not be treated mercifully.”

The Prophet was always patient and considerate with children and took great pain not to hurt their tender feelings.

Narrated Abu Qatadah: “The Messenger of Allah came towards us while carrying Umamah the daughter of Abi Al-`As (Prophet’s granddaughter) over his shoulder. He prayed, and when he wanted to bow, he put her down, and when he stood up he lifted her up.” (Al-Bukhari)

Photo: Aqsa and Um-e-Habiba, cousins of my friend, Abdul Basit.

Source: www.islamonline.net

Terms used
hadith: sayings of Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)

The departure of the Noble Man

2 11 2007

I would like to share this article with you all, that I just read on Orkut.
This is the event when the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) [Messenger of God] departed this world.

Suddenly, there was a person said salaam.
May I come in?” he asked.
But Fatimah did not allow him enter the room.
I’m sorry, my father is ill,” said Fatimah turned her body back and closed the door.

She went back to her father who had opened his eyes and asked Fatimah, “Who was he, my daughter?
I don’t know, my father. It was the first time for me to see him,” Fatimah said gently.
Then, Rasulullah looked at his daughter with trembled look, as if he wanted
to reminisce about every part of her daughter’s face.
Know one thing! He is who erases the temporary pleasure; he is who separates the companionship in the world. He is the death angel,” said Rasulullah .

Fatimah bore the bomb of her cry. The death angel came toward him,
But Rasulullah asked why Jibril did not come along with him.
Then, Jibril was called. Jibril was ready in the sky to welcome the soul of
Habibullah and the leader of the earth.

O Jibril, explain me about my rights in front of ALLAH?” Rasulullah asked
with a weakest voice.
The doors of sky has opened, the angels are waiting for your soul.
All jannats open widely waiting for you,” Jibril said.

But, in fact, those all did not make Rasulullah relieve, his eyes were
still full of worry.
You are not happy to hear this news?” asked Jibril.
Tell me about the destiny of my people in future?
Don’t worry, o Rasul ALLAH . I heard ALLAH told me: ‘I make jannat haram
for every one, except the people of Muhammad are inside it,” Jibril said.

It became closer and closer, the time for Malaekat Izrail to do his work.
Slowly, Rasulullah’s soul was pulled. It was seemed that the body of
Rasulullah was full of sweat; the nerves of his neck became tight.
Jibril, how pain this sakaratul maut is!
Rasulullah uttered a groan slowly.

Fatimah closed her eyes, Ali sat beside
her bow deeply and Jibril turned his face back.
Am I repugnant to you that you turn your face back o Jibril?” Rasulullah
asked to the Deliverer of Wahyu.
Who is the one who could see the Habibullah in his sakaratul maut,” Jibril said.

Not for a while, Rasulullah uttered a groan because of unbearable pain.
O ALLAH, how greatest is this sakaratul maut. Give me all these pains,
don’t to my people.

The body of Rasulullah became cold, his feet and chest did not move anymore.
His lips vibrated as if he wanted to say something, Ali took his ear close to Rasulullah.
Uushiikum bis shalati, wa maa malakat aimanuku – take care the saalat and
take care the weak people among you.

Outside the room, there were cries shouted each other, sahabah held each
other. Fatimah closed her face with her hands and, again, Ali took his ear
close to Rasulullah’s mouth which became bluish.
Ummatii, ummatii, ummatii?” – “My people, my people, my people.
And the life of the noble man ended.

Terms used
salaam : greeting.
ALLAH : God.
Rasulullah : messenger of Allah [God].
Jibril :
angel; who carries the words of God to the messenger.
Habibullah : loved one of Allah, referring to Rasulullah.
haram : not allowed to, prohibited.
jannat: heaven
Malaekat Izrail : the angel of death
sakaratul maut : the condition when a person is about to die.
Deliverer of Wahyu : the angel who carries the words of God to the messenger, referring to Jibril.
sahabah : the friends of messenger.

Source : Orkut