A new job!

16 06 2008

Hello there guys!

As the title says, I got a new job!
Yeah a JOB!
I am a Computer Teacher 🙂

So I got busy again, even in vacations 😦

I might just die away again 😛

I am alive again!

10 06 2008

Oh hello!

I am back to business, I am sorry I was away for a quite of long period, I was busy with exams, you know being an Electronics Engineer is not so easy.

So now, stay tuned 🙂

Have fun guys!

Michael learns to Rock!

13 02 2008

Hello again after such a long delay.

This post has nothing to do with Rock Music 😀 I am getting involved into the world of Electronics 🙂

I was too busy to add a post here on the blog, I was busy doing nothing 😛 I am proud member of “I am very busy doing nothing” community 🙂 My coconut hasn’t ticked for a long time, I hope my blogging skills aren’t dying 😦

Okay, I have been little busy doing assignments, and I was pretty much vexed this week, as I had to submit my Practical Journal, I didn’t have the readings. I worked much on Oscilloscopes and Function Generators, but I am unaware of their applications- Well, my father did explain it to me.

Life of a Electronics Engineer is not simple, it’s like reading 2,000+ pages book, going after Electronics Laboratory and trying to get the damn graph, and looking at tiny things 😀

That’s me doing hanky panky with Oscilloscope 😛
Go Ahmad Go!! 😀

That ain’t a tiny water tank 🙂 That’s Capacitor, and I hate Capacitor related numerical problems 😦

Life is busy here in University, I thought it would be much fun, but it’s totally opposite here 😦 But at least there is some fun 🙂

*Please note, I am neither a photographer nor a famous blogger and I don’t have a good camera, that’s a VGA camera phone image, so all those who want to criticize towards my images, they are not welcomed 🙂

My currently favourite song

1 02 2008

Hello everybody, I am going to post my favourite song, which I have listened a hundred times, and now I am starting to hate it 😀
But hey! I loved it 😀

It is from Kailash Kher, the song’s name is Saiyan

Discovering "Wonder Oscilloscope"

18 01 2008

Hello folks!

How are you all?
Well, I am fine.

As I am studying B.E. in Electronics, we had a practical about Oscilloscope and Function Generators.
What is an Oscilloscope? Okay for guys who don’t know, Wikipedia comes to help.

An oscilloscope (sometimes abbreviated CRO, for cathode-ray oscilloscope, or commonly just scope or O-scope) is a type of electronic test equipment that allows signal voltages to be viewed, usually as a two-dimensional graph of one or more electrical potential differences (vertical axis) plotted as a function of time or of some other voltage (horizontal axis).

Still not clear? Well it’s a device that shows Frequency or Voltage in graphs.

Okay, after Ma’am explained us how these things work, my group went to isolated Oscilloscope and they called me, “Hey! c’mon turn this thing on”, “are you guys nuts? Did ma’am gave you permission to use about this?” I said. “What do you think, we gonna come here all alone without Ma’am’s permission?”. I said “Okay!! Lets do this! I switched on, and went for Probe(Wire used in Oscilloscope) and asked ma’am if I could take it, she replied “You are the engineer! You don’t need permissions”. Wow! What an answer, I was very delighted at it. I went back, and tried hard, but there was no graph at all. Even guys from my group also tried, but still no graph. I thought might be this probe is not working. I went to ma’am again, and this time I went to change probe. “Ma’am! I need another probe, this ain’t working.” I said, “Actually, the probe is fine, it’s the oscilloscope, it’s not working :P” ma’am said.
I was like :O Ouch! Damn!
She deliberately asked us to use that Oscilloscope to make us busy or maybe laugh at our stupid ways to make that thing work 😛
I didn’t know ma’am had too good sense of humour 🙂

University Days Part 2

11 01 2008

Hello again!

Okay! Finally, I got some time from my so-called busy schedule, to write about my on-going trip to my unpredicted University 🙂
Note: My writing skills are ruined, due to my boggled, busy mind 😦

First Day at University
I was feeling completely fine, with no uneasy way, but I was too rum to find out what will happen, and how things exactly work here. I went to my Department (Electronic Engineering) to query where’s the classes, and got to know it’s in IT Centre, which is a new building being underconstruction, and some guy asked me “Are you in 08 batch?”, “Yeah! C’mon our class is in IT centre.”. Intantly he became as my friend, and we went to the class. English class was going on, and the teacher gave us a lecture on “Introduction to English Language”, honestly, which was very boring. Suddenly we heard knocks at the door, some senior students came in, but the teacher refused them, I could hear the teacher saying, “No! Not now, after class”. We guys stared eachother, as if we are going to be baked in oven, and indeed, those seniors were actually trying to come in class and rag us down 😦 I didn’t take this matter seriously. Anyways, they came in, everybody got scared. “WE WELCOME YOU 08 BATCH!”, they yelled! “STAND!! AND INTRODUCE YOURSELVES, ON THE CHAIR!”. When it was my turn, I stood on the chair and told my introduction. I was saved, I don’t know why, but by the grace of God, they didn’t asked me to do something odd. But unfortunately, they made one guy dance on the chair, which was funny, and fun to watch. And Thank God, there were no girls, or it would have been worse 😛
We all thought, all the ragging thing is over, and we went out with no fear, as if there’s no one on earth that could make us do silly things. We were wrong. Some other seniors came and asked us to sing a song, I didn’t hesitate, I mean what’s bad in singing a song, although my voice isn’t so cool as Amanat Ali, but just for 2 secs. They urged to sing more, but I didn’t. They left me, and started asking other of my colleagues to sing and dance, they left me, maybe because I was co-operating with them, and I was confident. They wanted someone who could cry or maybe get angry… and go insane, or weep like a child. I was not one of them.

Second Day at University
Alright, next day, I had to go in bus (University bus service), because my brother refused to give me lift, because he wanted to go a little late 🙂 Everything was fine, and as I rushed into class, I thought I was right in time, but the whole class was full, actually I was in time, but I really wanted front row seat 😦 Again the same thing happened, seniors came in our class and asked our names, and even asked some of the boys to dance, I was saved again because of my confident behavior and very friendly nature, but that was after English class, Miss Roxie was teaching us, and it was wonderful, we had fun, had group discussion, and I was little surprised to know that a guy who looks completely a villager, in fact he was from a village, yet he did speak English, and it wasn’t bad, and why wouldn’t he, because Miss Roxie put a ban, and would charge 1 Rs from anyone who speak other language than English 🙂 Almost the whole day was spent in running, hiding from seniors, because I wasn’t afraid, but because my friends were, and I had to stay with them 🙂 At zero point (The place where buses stop to pick students in closure time) there was huge herd (yep a herd not group :P) of senior, trying to rag freshmen, so I and some of my friends, hiding from them, went hurrily to the main gate of the university, which is little far from zero point, and we catched our bus. When I was sliding into the bus, I said to myself, “Finally! You are saved!”. “HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! 08 BATCH, COME OVER HERE”, ah damn! So here it comes again 😦 Sing a song, this time I was too confident, maybe because most of them were my neighbours, I didn’t know all of them, but some of them, which gave me little confidence and self respect, and to be honest with you, I was very tired doing the same thing, singing and introducing. I said, “I don’t know any song, you tell me the lyrics, I will sing it”. “You don’t know even a single goddamn song?? Okay! Sing the National Anthem”, “Yeah sure! Why not”. I was about to start but they asked other guy, who was from 08 batch as well, and they told him to stand up, that was the perfect time for me to sit, and be out of their focus, and that’s what I did, while the other guy was in their focus. Again the same thing, they didn’t even listen to my song, because I was too frank with them, as if I was their friend and I was co-operating with them, without any hesitation. They really insulted the other guy, poor guy 😦

Third day at University(Yesterday)
Okay, so now I am little experienced, it was our workshop “Electronics Workshop”, it was nothing but introducing us to different Power Sources, Measuring Devices, and removing errors from these devices. It was fun looking at new thing, and using them for the first time, there were this big big things on the tables, much of them were oscilloscopes. And then it was our Computer Programming class, which was very boring, and annoying to me, because whatever the ma’am was teaching us, I knew it all, you know, I have won many awards in Programming different Programs, over National Level (Overall Pakistan), almost all of the answers were given by me to the ma’am which she asked during class, and I was viewing different places from the window, and looking at people, which ma’am didn’t mind, because I was active in class. And then, there were no classes, and we still got 2.5 hours till closure to get buses rolling 🙂 So I decided to go to my father’s office, and sat over there, and asked my brother to take me home with him.

Fourth day at University(Today)
Don’t know about it, it’s 3:12 AM 😛

So this is it. I know you might get bore reading all this crap I have written, thanks for reading, it took me almost 30 mins to write, and please point-out spelling/grammar mistakes if any, I am really tired to check again 😛 Thank you 🙂
And yes, updates! Yesterday I went to Gaming Zone, with my friends, the team of ours, which we named as “Pakore Walas” lol.
It’s a wonderful name, if we win, the losing team will feel ashamed of being beaten by “Pakore Walas”, and if we lose, I don’t think so anyone could prouldy tell others, “WE JUST BEAT PAKORE WALAS” 😛 Poor guys 😛
And yes, this name is All Right Reserved, don’t even think about stealing 😛
Have fun!

Thank you for reading 🙂

University Days

10 01 2008


Hello everybody!
My university days has been started 😦 I am studying Electronic Engineering at Mehran University, and the worst part is, I AM TOO BUSY SLEEPING lol.

I will post whole story about the Ragging thing some other day 🙂
Today I am too busy, and sleepy 🙂