Hammad, car driver!

17 01 2008

Hello everybody!

Sorry for delaying in posting at blog. Anyways, I have good news, I AM ACTUALLY POSTING SOMETHING NEW NOW 😀 lol

My little friend, Hammad came over to my house, I talked to him, which most of the words, I couldn’t understand 🙂 The reason of putting “car driver”, because he likes sitting and driving cars 🙂

Here are his few pictures.

Refraction and ReflectionWhat's that?
Yeah!! I am a NASCAR RACERYeah that's my car!

More pictures of kids at Flickr

New pictures taken after Benazeer Bhutto’s Assassination

17 01 2008

I have got more pictures, I wish to add it here.

These pictures are taken from my house, looks scary isn’t it?

Burned bus

More pictures on Flickr

Differences between two Muslim Presidents

7 01 2008

I have received this forwarded email message, and I wish to share with you all.
I am sorry, I had been busy this week, I haven’t posted anything recently, so here’s something for all my readers 🙂

Pakistani President Mr. Pervez Musharraf

Iranian President Mr. Ahmedinejad

I am not against Musharraf or I am not in a favor with the Iranian President, but I wanted to tell you what leads a country to greatness, and that would be our leaders, if our leaders won’t be honest and loyal to the country, neither would be us.

Pakistan’s PC-Gamers

2 01 2008

It’s been years I have seen Computer Games competitions taking place in different places in the world. My friend was viewing a competition, and he told me, there was this best team of North America in Counter Strike (CS), he said, “you wouldn’t believe it, they were the best team of North America, yet they play like us (me and my friend, we are not pros), they empted whole magazine at a guy!! If they come around here, we could beat the hell out of them!”. I was like, “really? yeah okay fine.” I didn’t pay much attention to it.

I was going randomly through TV channels, and I saw a CS match on Arirang TV(It’s a Korean TV Channel). No offense, but really, they were playing like kiddos, I couldn’t believe it. I wished if someone could send Pakistani Gamers, they could win with their hands tied 🙂 lol, I think I said too much 😛

First of all, let me tell you, I am not a PRO in CS. Although many of my friend rank me as “BEST SNIPER”, but I am not. I was, maybe 🙂 I have left playing CS, I rarely play, just for fun. But you have to agree, I am PRO in HalfLife (HL, another multiplayer shooting game) :). I have played CS with many people, with PROS, Newbies, almost every category. I am 100% sure, our Pakistani guys could easily beat the whole world.

Why? If you may ask, why Pakistani guys could win? Why not others? Good question. Because Pakistani guys have nothing important to do, else than playing CS all the time at Gaming Zone and wasting time 😛 Most of them are idlers, they pass their time playing CS, I think, a normal CS player wastes about 5 hours of his day playing CS. I don’t suppose any other nation would do that 😛 lol

Our government should support our Gamers, how about, “Pakistan CS Board” 😛 Seriously, there should be, and someone should sponsor them.

I know, this is nothing but a wastage of time playing on this rubbish game (Sorry guys :P). But you know, these guys wouldn’t stop playing even if you tell them to, so why not make this time into valuable, what if these guys bring a trophy for Pakistan?
Think about it.

Here are my CS mates pictures 🙂 This is how it looks when they will win trophies 🙂





Am I at Baghdad? Benazeer Bhutto assassination aftermath

30 12 2007

Around 5 PM PST on 27th December 2007, I was very tired and fell asleep.
There was this sound, voices, people shouting and screaming, I thought it was nightmare. But my brother came in and he said, “Benazeer is dead, she was shot, and on the main highway people have burned trucks, buses cars.”
I was like “What?”. I couldn’t believe it, burned vehicles? No way, this ain’t Iraq.

Anyways, I woke up, and I went out, and I saw smoke, and fire from trucks, buses, about 100 meters away from my house, pretty close eh. Yeah, I live near the Main Super Highway, between Hyderabad and Karachi. It was hell of a view, and as I went upstairs to the roof, I saw smokes on the outskirts of the city Hyderabad, as if there the whole city is burning to ashes, and yes, in fact it’s true. Then there was firing, shouting, and it was awful situation.

On the next day, I woke and took a brave step to take snaps of these burned vehicles. As I went in, I saw oranges, yeah it might be weird for you, but yes, there was oranges on road, people carrying crates of oranges, and then when I was close enough, I saw a whole container was full of oranges, and people were stealing from it. lol.

Here are the pictures I took.

This is my society, you can clearly see the smoke, and the park where kids play.

This is the main entrance area of society, you can see the shops are closed and people are tensed

This is another picture of smoke

Posters of Benazeer Bhutto

This is the container which had oranges in it, there are some oranges burning

This lady, she’s collecting oranges good ones, not the burned ones

Flickr Set here

Eid Greetings

20 12 2007

As the title of the post describes, I don’t have to write much more 🙂

There are few more pictures, I want to share 🙂
Click on the pictures to visit the website.

When to use the F-word

9 12 2007

Sometimes you really need to know when you should use that F-word.
Sometimes you say it, when you shouldn’t, and sometimes, when you really mean it.

It really depends in what situation you are.
But I want to show you when is the best time to say this F-word.


Source : Oscandy