Blogging no more

11 02 2009

Hello guys!

Yep! As the title says, I decided not to write blog, honestly speaking, I rarely find time to write, and plus, I don’t have anything to write. lol

Maybe I will start again, when I have time, and have something to write about 🙂

Till then, bye bye!

Have fun!

Tagged again?

5 03 2008

Hello folks!

Missed me?
Thank you for missing me 🙂 Got really really really busy these days, had my English test today, went off-course. But never to worry 🙂

Okay! So I got tagged again (YUPPEE!!!!) by Nikki. My blog is getting rusty day by day, due to my inactivity.

Anyways, it is a chain tagging game, it says, “Things you do before you turn 18”. Truly I don’t get the gist of this game, but let’s try 😛
So what would I have done before I turn to 18, let me think.
1) Ask dad to give me “KHARCHI” 😀
2) Dance in the rain 🙂
3) Ring bell and runaway 😀 lol

Okay, I tag
Teeth Maestro
Walking Life

That’s it. No more 🙂