Do you really play a guitar?

7 12 2007

Many of you, might be interested in playing guitar, and many of you, might be practicing.

Rank yourself

Did you see that? That’s awesome!
You see this kid, look at fingers, he doesn’t use a pick. He’s strumming with those little fingers.
How does he do that? This really amazes me. But whatever he does, he does really good 😉

Bang bang Icons!

4 11 2007

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share this Icon war flash movie with you all.

Here are few screenshots of it.

Click here to view this movie

Love is Delicious

29 10 2007

Hi there !
I am not into music much, but I liked this song, especially the video, it’s funny.
It’s a song named “Love is Delicious” from a Korean Artist named “Whee Sung”.

Check this funny music video 😉

Click here to view on YouTube

Pakistan Airforce new F-35 Fleet in 2020

10 10 2007

I just read on Wikipedia that Pakistan Airforce is looking to replace it’s fleet of F-16s by new F-35 in 2020. That’s awesome !
But in my view, they shouldn’t replace F-16s, they should replace their F-7 or JF-17.
I think the reason that they are replacing F-16s is because F-7 and JF-17 is repaired/manufactured in Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, while F-16 is not.
Maybe it is repaired, but it’s not manufactured there.

If you don’t know what is F-35, here’s little overview

The F-35 Lightning II is a single-seat, single-engine, stealth-capable military strike fighter, a multi-role aircraft that can perform close air support, tactical bombing, and air-to-air combat. The F-35 is descended from the X-35 of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. Its development is being principally funded by the United States with the United Kingdom and other partner governments providing additional funding. It is being designed and built by an aerospace industry team led by Lockheed Martin with Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems as major partners. Demonstrator aircraft flew in 2000;15 December a production model first took flight on 2006. The United States Air Force plans to acquire 1,763 aircraft.


F-35 Take off

F-35 Hovering

Bush, "Help !"

1 10 2007

Hey guys check this funny flash movie.
You can drag the body with mouse 😉

Source : Funny-Games.Biz

Better To Have Loved And Lost, Mind Your Language

28 09 2007

Hi there everybody !

It’s about my favorite TV serial, “Mind Your Language”, a episode named “Better To Have Loved And Lost”.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

For more episodes search on YouTube, or click here

Bicycle Drift

22 09 2007

What did you all think ? That only cars do the drifting and stuff.
Think again, this guy gonna prove it, it isn’t only cars that do drifting.

Bicycle Drift