14 02 2008

Okay, this is just a game post, yep!

I have been tagged by Nikki

The rules of this tagging game are,
1, Get a grab of a book near you( but it should be at least 123+ pages)
2, Get to the 123rd page.
3, Grab the 5th line.
4, Add the next 3 lines to your post.
5, Then tag any 5 bloggers.

Okay, the closest book to me was, “Wren & Martin’s English Grammar & Composition”, and it wasn’t much textful at page 123, so the next book close to me was, “C MADE EASY”.
Here’s the text, from Chapter 6 “Input, Output And Disk Files”

In C all I/O is character-oriented. This is not only includes reading and writing to the console(that is, the keyboard and screen), but to the disk file functions as well. This differs from BASIC, in which you can read and write strings and numbers directly. In C you read and write bytes. As you have seen in the functions gets() and getnum(), it is possible to write functions that read strings and numbers, but these functions still use calls to the character-oriented I/O functions

Pretty much boring eh? lol

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Michael learns to Rock!

13 02 2008

Hello again after such a long delay.

This post has nothing to do with Rock Music 😀 I am getting involved into the world of Electronics 🙂

I was too busy to add a post here on the blog, I was busy doing nothing 😛 I am proud member of “I am very busy doing nothing” community 🙂 My coconut hasn’t ticked for a long time, I hope my blogging skills aren’t dying 😦

Okay, I have been little busy doing assignments, and I was pretty much vexed this week, as I had to submit my Practical Journal, I didn’t have the readings. I worked much on Oscilloscopes and Function Generators, but I am unaware of their applications- Well, my father did explain it to me.

Life of a Electronics Engineer is not simple, it’s like reading 2,000+ pages book, going after Electronics Laboratory and trying to get the damn graph, and looking at tiny things 😀

That’s me doing hanky panky with Oscilloscope 😛
Go Ahmad Go!! 😀

That ain’t a tiny water tank 🙂 That’s Capacitor, and I hate Capacitor related numerical problems 😦

Life is busy here in University, I thought it would be much fun, but it’s totally opposite here 😦 But at least there is some fun 🙂

*Please note, I am neither a photographer nor a famous blogger and I don’t have a good camera, that’s a VGA camera phone image, so all those who want to criticize towards my images, they are not welcomed 🙂

Drive away

6 02 2008

Hello folks!

I have been busy, with of course doing nothing at all. lol

This Sunday, I went for a trip to the Desert (Thar). It wasn’t much fun, because I drove the car, which was very tiring. But you know, you meet with new people, you see different things, and the things the way they work. Poor me, that I reached Thar at about Dawn, so I couldn’t see much of it, and I had to return on the same day.

But on my way, I have seen fields, flowers, trees, different people.
I stopped by a field full of Sunflowers, and I happen to capture it 🙂

Wonderful isn’t it?

Poor donkey

2 02 2008

Ouchh!!!! This is going to hurt someone 😛

I captured it, so All Rights Reserved 😛

My currently favourite song

1 02 2008

Hello everybody, I am going to post my favourite song, which I have listened a hundred times, and now I am starting to hate it 😀
But hey! I loved it 😀

It is from Kailash Kher, the song’s name is Saiyan

Latest stereo system for automobiles

31 01 2008

Okay, here I am about to post the latest stereo system for the car, that my friend uses in his Funky Ride 😉

Laughing is strictly prohibited!

Stereo System + Something for hair, especially when girls are around 😛

This is when you don’t have money to buy a car stereo 😀

Hide and seek

30 01 2008

I found these pictures in forward mail, hope you liked it, I found them cute and cuddly 🙂